Belize Crypto Coin Alliance Whitepaper Overview

Initial Edition Whitepaper April 2018 Overview. This Whitepaper will explore BCCA‘s unique functions, and how it can play a role in the global payment, communication and security industries.

Right in the heart of beautiful tropical Belize, Central America, BCCA was founded as Belize's first cryptocurrency with REAL usability! BCCA stands for “Belize Crypto Coin Alliance”. BCCA features an ultra-fast block explorer. BCCA is new, unique and inherently useful. BCCA is a best in class cryptocurrency. It was devised by the newly formed Alliance and created by the Ukrainian Inveritasoft company’s skillful and solution-oriented developers.

BCCA will be rolling out and adding additional features throughout 2018, positioning itself not only as a leading innovative cryptocurrency but also a self-sustaining ecosystem. BCCA offers wallets for a range of operating systems – Windows, Linux and various versions of Mac OS with more coming in the future. Our wallet along with our ultra-fast block explorer is delivering lighting fast transactions with minimal transaction fees.

BCCA coin will fast become more user-friendly so that all users can implement it as part of their business operations. BCCA estimates a wallet user base of over 250,000 active wallets and customers by the end of 2018 and over 500,000 by mid-2019. These forecasts can be considered conservative. BCCA also plans to enter the ever-growing Belize Central America’s tourism sectors with negotiations currently underway. Introduction BCCA is going to change the way merchants and individual cryptocurrency holders do business in the future.

BCCA is set to roll out many of their products and services in phases in 2018 and the years that follow. All of our services will be linked to our cryptocurrency. BCCA is a Proof of Stake asset. Our proof of stake offers 10% annual interest minting Capability so users can stake additional coins if they choose to support the network. All BCCA coins are stored on the blockchain and transferred over the internet between digital ‘Wallets’. BCCA offers wallets for a range of operating systems such as; Windows, Linux and Mac.

Cryptocurrency Unleashed BCCA brings a new and innovative element to the cryptocurrency marketplace; Cyber Security. With a range of services set to release in 2018 and many years to follow, BCCA is paving the way for new and emerging cryptocurrencies. BCCA’s ecosystem will experience exponential growth once our initial products launch in 2018.

BCCA Specifications

- PoS without coin age
- Max reorganization depth: 500 blocks
- Block time: 60 seconds • Difficulty re-target: every block
- Staking Reward: 10% annually • Min transaction fee: 0.0001 BCCA
- Fees are paid to miners • Confirmations: 10, maturity: 10
- Min stake confirmations: 10
- P2P port: 26085, RPC port: 26086
- Speed: 20x Faster Than Bitcoin Network Transactions Transactions Capability per Minute: 6,000
- BCCA Coin Supply & Distribution Total Supply: 150 million 
- Minting/Staking: 25 million
- Annual Minting/Staking rewards: 10%
- Total pre-mined for distribution: 125 million
- Special public ICO Pre-launch coin sale: 20 million coins (Offer ends at ICO close, or hardcap reached whichever comes first)
- WRC and XCS coins replacement swaps: 80 million (Approximately) completed
- Alliance panel rewards distribution: 2 million
- Marketing budget: 10 million
- Promotions and giveaways: 2 million
- Development team rewards: 2 million
- Founders team: 8 million

*All Surplus coins will be destroyed*

BCCA offers a range of wallets available for the following operating systems (as shown below in the wallet screenshot).
The BCCA Wallet is a multi-functional digital wallet which allows users to manage their wallet and customize it to suit their preferences.

Users can carry out the following functions: Overview different types of balances and transactions histories send and receive BCCA coins to and from other BCCA wallets, manage wallet settings, wallet backup, and a wallet tool feature plus more user functionality. The BCCA computer wallet is a “Multi-Wallet”, which means users can create multiple receiving wallets all under the same wallet.

This feature eliminates the need for several computers which is more efficient for users. This wallet separation features will benefit end users, merchants and shopping businesses also. Later on, BCCA coins are also available to use as a payment solution using our upcoming mobile app wallet.

Available Wallets: Win 64, Linux and Mac (various Mac OS).
To download the wallet for your preferred operating system simply visit

BCCA Cryptocurrency Features BCCA employs several technologies to ensure the coin, wallet, features and operations are completely secure, unique and efficient.
Future upcoming addition Zero Knowledge Proof In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge protocol is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true. If proving the statement requires knowledge of some secret information on the part of the prover, the definition implies that the verifier will not be able to prove the statement in turn to anyone else, since the verifier does not possess the secret information.

Notice that the statement being proved must include the assertion that the prover has such knowledge (otherwise, the statement would not be proved in zero-knowledge, since at the end of the protocol the verifier would gain the additional information that the prover has knowledge of the required secret information). If the statement consists only of the fact that the prover possesses the secret information, it is a special case known as zero-knowledge proof of knowledge, and it nicely illustrates the essence of the notion of zero-knowledge proofs: proving that one has knowledge of certain information is trivial if one is allowed to simply reveal that information; the challenge is proving that one has such knowledge without revealing the secret information or anything else.

For zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge, the protocol must necessarily require interactive input from the verifier, usually in the form of a challenge or challenges such that the responses from the prover will convince the verifier if and only if the statement is true (i.e. if the prover does have the claimed knowledge). Dual-key Stealth Addresses These addresses are different from the standard addresses commonly used in cryptocurrencies and allow for better privacy.

A dual-key stealth address can be shared publicly by the recipient yet any transaction made out to this address cannot be linked back to it. When the stealth address has been revealed to the payer(s), it will enable the payee to receive infinite un-linkable payments. Meaning that each payment to a Stealth address computes a new unused normal address on which the funds ought to be received, any eavesdropper will be unable to link the two addresses.

BCCA’s aim is to be using the most up-to-date technologies to ensure it is a superior coin to most alt-coins currently in circulation and that a solid foundation is laid for the future of its products and services and expanding the ecosystem.

POS Minting Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. Most cryptocurrency mining requires specialized and usually expensive hardware.

BCCA minting can be done on any computer. Coin rewards are spread out over the complete network rather than ending up in the wallets of one or two large miners. Each time minting generates a block, stakers help guard and process network transactions. With a 10% annual interest” return, based upon the number of coins in a users wallets, coin holders are rewarded for investing long term. This will increase the value of the coin as it discourages selling, and because it helps to stabilize the network.


Our vision is to change the way cryptocurrency operates within any given ecosystem and provide a safer, more private and productive experience for cryptocurrency users worldwide.

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