Please NOTE: The preveious version has been discontinued.
Please contact us via a support ticket from within your back office  IF you had any BCCA coins in your web wallet and we will transfer them to your NEW web wallet.

The title says it all; the BCCA Web Wallet is publically available!

This is a cloud-based wallet that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with zero hassle, zero downloading etc.

Please note that there is no minting/staking with web wallets, this is exclusively available with the desktop wallet.

Create your BCCA Web Wallet here:

For a seamless step by step web wallet tutorial go here:



Additional BCCA Wallets

BCCA offers a range of wallets available for the following operating systems.
Windows 64 bit, Linux, and Mac (Mac OS 10.12 and later).

The BCCA Wallet is a multi-functional digital wallet which allows users to manage their wallet and customize it to suit their preferences.

Users can carry out the following functions:

Overview different types of balances and transactions history, send and receive BCCA coins to and from other BCCA users, manage wallet settings, wallet backup, and a wallet tool feature plus more user functionality.

The BCCA desktop wallet is a “Multi-Wallet”, which means users can create multiple wallets all under the same wallet. This feature eliminates the need for several computers which is more efficient for users. This wallet separation features will benefit end users, merchants, and shopping businesses also.

BCCA coin can also be used as an alternative payment option with our mobile wallets. (To be developed later in 2019) can be used in stores that accept BCCA as a method of payment.

Here is the NEW version of our BCCA Desktop Wallet For Windows, It's for 64 Bit operating systems only:

That is the actual installer (NO UNZIPPING REQUIRED)

Please be sure to watch the tutorial video below "Before" you proceed with the NEW desktop wallet!

For Mac  users OS versions 10.12 and above:

For Mac OS versions 10.11 and below

For Linux users: -