Our plans for product development and enhancements for BCCA


Feb-March 2018:

BCCA Coin and Wallet Development (Completed)

June-July 2018:

BCCA Public Launch via the Alliance Proprietary Crypto Exchange Bittoshi

August-September 2018:

Proprietary and 3rd party utility and usages for the BCCA coin

Initial Phase of the BCCA coin utility/usage’s

The Passive Coin Reward Program Offers:

- 100% Unique Exclusive BCCA Passive Reward Packages.

- Exclusive BCCA Coin Claim Marketing Campaigns consisting of:

1: Login-to claim free BCCA coins.

2: Unique exclusive Refer and Promote referral reward program.

August-October 2018 and Beyond:

Global BCCA Ambassadors association and merchants acceptance contracts

November-December 2018 and Beyond:

Additional BCCA coin, Mobile Wallets and Block Explorer features and enhancements.