The new BCCA Altcoin along with a unique proprietary QT wallet project has been completed.
The wallets are ready for download.
Here are the NEW VERSIONS of BCCA wallet download links. Please be sure you download the correct version of the Mac wallet depending on your OS.

For Windows users: That is the actual installer (NO UNZIPPING REQUIRED)

For Mac For OS versions 10.12 and above :

For Mac For For OS versions 10.11 and below

For Linux users:

A decision was made for the BCCA coin to debut on a public exchange sometimes in June due to another possible lenghty delay in the launch of Bit-Toshi, our proprietary crypto currency exchange also know as a trading platform.

The alliance is putting a comprehensive plan and road map together for the BCCA coin project which includes
listing the BCCA coin on various public crypto currency exchanges in the very near future as one of several top priorities
which also included creating a utility/usage for the new coin.

                                                                     Pre-launch Coin Sale Details.
The purpose of the Pre-Launch sale is to raise and recoup the development costs of approximately $200,000 for the new BCCA coin, a unique proprietary QT wallet and the crypto currency exchange/trading platform.

"Revised" Pre-Sale Coin Purchase Amounts and Bonus Rewards.
 Total BCCA coins available: 10 Million. Price: $0.02 (2 Cents USD)

Purchase 25,000 coins: $500 Receive 2% = 500 bonus coins.
Purchase 50,000 coins: $1000 Receive 4% = 2000 bonus coins.
Purchase 100,000 coins: $2000 Receive 8% = 8000 bonus coins.
Purchase 125,000 coins: $2,500 Receive 9% = 11250 bonus coins.
Purchase 150,000 or more coins: $3000 Receive 10% = 15000 bonus coins.
Alliance Rewards (Referral commissions) 1st Level Alliance Rewards (Referral commissions) 10%

All WRC Members that had purchased WRC coins during the WRC coin ICO Qualify for the Loyalty bonus of 15% in additional new BCCA coins.
In addition the WRC coin holders who purchased WRC coins can qualify for an additional 10% bonus by making a qualifying purchase of min $200 = 10,000 New BCCA coins.
(We will post details on how to claim your bonus reward BCCA coins after the Pre-Launch sale ends.)

Below is the total supply of the new BCCA coin and a distribution breakdown.

Total Supply - 150 million coins
Minting/Staking - 25 million
Annual Minting/Staking rewards - 10%
Total pre-mined for distribution 125 million.
Pre-launch coin sale - 10 million coins (Until BCCA goes on a public exchange in June).
WRC and XCS Reimbursement and exchanges - 40 million.
Alliance panel rewards distribution - 2 million.
Marketing budget - 5 million coins
Promotions and giveaways - 2 million.

Details will be posted regarding the remaining surplus coins "After" the Pre-Launch coin sale closes and the WRC and XCS coin exchanges for the new BCCA coins are complete.