BCCA Wallet & FAQ


What is BCCA?

BCCA stands for “Belize Crypto Coin Alliance”, we are a peer to peer cryptocurrency that's expanding the usability of cryptocurrencies through many of our future projects and innovations.

**For more details about BCCA, future plans etc, see the Whitepaper here: http://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/WhitePaper.pdf and the Roadmap here: http://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/Roadmap.pdf

How does the wallet work?

BCCA wallet is very simple, it is a multi-purpose wallet that once opened and unlocked, will begin to start mining.

What is mining and how can I do it?

Mining with BCCA will allow coin holders to automatically grow their funds 10% annually, how much you mined will depend on the total spendable BCCA coins held in the wallet and the current network speed. If uncertain on the following steps, see our simple step by step video tutorial here:

To qualify, verify the following:

  1. Computer is on and connected to the internet
  2. Wallet is open
  3. Wallet is unlocked
  4. Wallet is fully synchronized

Can I mine BCCA?

Yes it is done with funds held in the wallet, no other type of mining exists within BCCA

What is the minimum transaction amount?

There is no minimum transaction amount. A fraction of a BCCA coin can be sent or received.

How much are transaction fees?

Transaction fees for BCCA are a fraction of a coin. 0.00000001

How do I send and receive BCCA coins?

Sending and receiving BCCA coins is easy, here is a simple step by step video tutorial:

How long does each transaction take?

Transaction speeds for BCCA depend on computer and network speeds. Transactions are completed within a minute or 2 at most, and within seconds on average.

I sent coins to the wrong address, can I get them back?

No, unfortunately once coins are sent all transactions are final and therefore the coin holder is responsible for verifying transaction details before sending.

How do I acquire BCCA coins?

Coins can be purchased in the BCCA back office here: http://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/login. Once pre-launch coin sale ends, all coin purchases must be made via exchanges where BCCA is listed.

How do I properly shut down my BCCA wallet?

Simply click on “File” in the top left corner of your wallet and then click https://youtu.be/RCEsc5CFsB4

How do I backup my wallet?

To back up the BCCA wallet, simply follow this simple step by step tutorial