About Belize Crypto Coin Alliance (BCCA)

Our Core Values

BCCA was founded in early 2018 and based in Belize, Central America. Our team believes that cryptocurrency will inevitably find its place in our culture which as we all know is transforming at an exponential rate. We have never seen such a rapid transition in culture all over the world. With this rapid transition comes many convenient ways of getting our everyday duties done quicker, safer and done with higher quality and at less of a risk. 

This is what has and is currently taking place in the biggest transfer of wealth mankind has ever seen, the transfer of fiat currency to cryptocurrency. This transfer of wealth is forever changing the way we use, store, and transact our everyday currencies.
The fiat currency has served its purpose but is far outdated with all of the modern day potentials that exist within our technology today, hence the new world of cryptocurrency.

You are your own bank with BCCA which means more money in your pocket, and less in the middle man's pocket, which is our current situation with our central banking system today.
BCCA is dedicated to helping adapt the old ways of wealth and transfer that wealth to the digital world which has officially been set in stone here in our society. There is no turning back from this transfer of wealth.

If you ask the average person on how our fiat currency and banking system works, they will give you a very broad generic response. This is due to the suppression of how money is truly distributed in our world today and how the banking system generates wealth in our society. All this has caused a financially illiterate society.

This is a huge part of BCCA's underlying mission. Not only to help adapt the largest transfer of wealth but to educate people on the actual structure and foundation that this wealth was founded upon. We never want to face another society that’s clueless on the most practical topic in education, and that’s finance.

We believe everyone should understand how currency works and how they can benefit from understanding its true structure, which we believe should always be transparent. Financial education alone has the power to set free a society enslaved by debt regardless of what the financial circumstances are.

Our deepest motive is and will always be to help adapt our world into a financially educated one. With enough time of prioritizing the financial subject in our culture the way we at BCCA strive to do, we hope to soon see a society no longer enslaved to debt and even more serious, the stresses that come from it.

We at BCCA believe that understanding the structure and foundation of how currency truly works in our society is a big step further in creating a financially literate society that will be able to discern how to leverage their finances for their own benefit and not just allowing all the 3rd party banking systems to leverage their finances for them.

We believe this is the future of our financial world, and this is what BCCA is here to assist in building and conquering. Welcome to the Belize Crypto Coin Alliance!


Our Underlying Vision 

BCCA stands for “Belize Crypto Coin Alliance, we are a peer to peer crypto currency revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space in countless ways.

We pride ourselves on our unique methodology where we aim take the over-complicated, in-efficient structure of our currency today and making it simple, fast, secure, private, user-friendly and most importantly DECENTRALIZED, all of which our current fiat system is lacking, hence the modern day world of cryptocurrencies and our mission here at BCCA.


Our Overall Mission

At BCCA, we are here to revolutionize the usability of cryptocurrencies and provide limitless financial value through our current and future projects. BCCA is forever dedicated to helping move our financial system forward.

With many different projects in place and also many planned for the future, our goal is to offer widespread usability of the BCCA coin in countless ways which can be learned about in detail in our “Projects” section. With more uses of the BCCA coin consistently being adopted, our users will have little need for outsourcing any types of services or utilities, giving users a seamless “All-in-One” experience with smaller transaction fees.

BCCA is here to educate a financially illiterate world so the current financial barriers can be removed and the wealth distribution can be more equally distributed across the lower or middle class. While there are many currencies out there, few are there to help put more money in the lower class hustlers and less in the top 5% where a huge sum of wealth is sitting in our system today. Our aim is to educate people about how wealth is truly generated in our society so the middle and lower classes of wealth can take advantage of information that we believe should be more commonly known and more deeply understood, in-fact it should be the number one subject in our education system.

People go to school so they can get a job and earn more money, we believe the best way to earn that money is to actually understand money. From money's structure to why it's distributed the way it is today. We at BCCA aim to have an endless supply of education material as we continue to grow as a company.

Stay tuned in to see more details about our vision, goals, mission and how BCCA continues to unfold and revolutionize the cryptocurrency space.

To your wealth,

The BCCA Team