Revolutionizing the Usability of Crypto Currencies

Introducing BCCA

BCCA, stands for “Belize Crypto Coin Alliance, we are a peer to peer crypto currency located in the heart of Belize, Central America. We are here to revolutionize the usability of crypto currencies and provide limitless financial value through our current and future projects. We pride ourselves on our unique methodology where we aim take the over-complicated, in-efficient structure of our currency today and making it simple, fast, secure, private, user-friendly and most importantly DECENTRALIZED, all of which our current fiat system is lacking, hence the modern day world of crypto currencies and our mission here at BCCA. Welcome to the Belize Crypto Coin Alliance!

Public Exchanges

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- BCCA stands for “Belize Crypto Coin Alliance”. - We are a peer to peer crypto currency dedicated to helping adapt and innovate the worlds largest transfer of wealth from fiat to crypto currency. - BCCA aims to be user-friendly, secure, fast, reliable, decentralized and all at the lowest fees in the industry.

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- BCCA is revolutionizing the usability of crypto currencies!

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We believe in seamless interactability for all levels of experience, this keeps a hassle-free experience on both users at each end of a transaction.

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It's your money, we believe you should feel that it'sjust as safe online as it would be in your own back pocket.

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Our peer to peer system thinks as quick and as responsive as you do.

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Low Fees

We keep our fees to a minimal and your usability of the coin limitless.

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Public Exchanges

We keep ourfees to a minimal and your usability ofthe coin limitless.

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