We are excited to announce that the NEW BBCA coin is ready for distribution.
The current Pre-Launch coin sale will continue until the coin goes live on a public exchange in May.
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What is BCCA Coin?

BCCA was created to become a visible part of the new global cryptocurrency ecosystem by meeting and surpassing its requirements well into the foreseeable future. BCCA aims to grow it's presence in the marketplace by introducing the coin into a range of different industries, creating a high demand for the token and rolling out additional exciting wallet features.

  • Eco System
  • Availablity to Mint
  • Secure Online Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

                       The new BCCA Wallets are currently available for downloading.

For Windows users: https://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/NEWBCCAWindowswallet-qt.exe
For Mac users OS versiona 10 12 and above: http://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/Mac10.12andabove-Qt.zip
For Mac OS versions 10.11 and below: https://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/Mac10.11andbelow-Qt.zip
For Linux users: http://bzcryptocoinalliance.net/Linux-qt.zip
Step by step instructions what to do now instead of replacing the wallet as preciously instructed, you will simply just replace the exe referred to as the coin icon or image that you used to open or launch the wallet with the newly downloaded exe or icon, this is ONLY for the windows wallet:

Email: support@bzcryptocoinalliance.net